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HP MAX/M50 interlocking + Picatinny Attachable Magazines

HP MAX/M50 interlocking + Picatinny Attachable Magazines

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NEW DESIGN, Gives the ability to attach to picatinny rails for easy on-gun storage and quick access! Plus you can even lock 2 of them together for a double sided magazine! 

Female mags will attach to pic rail.

Male mags will attach to female mags.

Easy, fast loading, reliable. No more twisting the stock AEA Mags!

Works with AEA HP Max/M50  .457 and .495cal (specify when you order)

Accepts slugs up to .713" in length. (Texoma precision pellet slugs run flawlessly in these mags) 

Made with strong UV resistant PETG+

Locks the bolt back when empty to prevent dry fire

Smooth slugs work best because the slugs make contact with each other in the mags.

ONLY WORKS WITH ATMOTAC RECIEVERS. If this is your first magazine from AtmoTac, or you want to use it on another gun, be sure to select a receiver option. if you already have a receiver from me and you don't need another, you can select "none'. 

please allow 1-3 days for your item to ship due to demand. thanks!

I stand by my product, and your satisfaction is important. If you have any issues or questions, please contact me ASAP and I will make it right.

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