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Pump action + stick magazine kit for M50 Pistol

Pump action + stick magazine kit for M50 Pistol

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Pic rail for a foregrip attachment (reccomended)

 Please allow 1-3 days for your item to ship due to demand. Thank you! 

Transform your m50 pistol into an effective, fast shooting home defense platform! 

Works with 7” and 5” m50 pistols. (If you have a 5” pistol, you need to get the 4” barrel extension from to keep your fingers away from the muzzle) 

this kit includes:

• pistol pump action components: slider, bar 

• pump compatible receiver 

• 1 5rd picatinny attachable + interlocking magazine optimized for m50 pistol (female) 



Take your time and practice with this before you try shooting really fast. Timing is important. Never pull the trigger before the bolt is forward AND down. Damage could occur.

Do not use oversized ammunition or ammunition that is otherwise difficult to chamber in your Airgun. Smooth slugs highly recommend. Do not use if you have a defective m50 barrel with the feeding issues.

Ensure that the bolt on your Airgun runs smoothly and is well lubricated before installing your pump action kit.

Only works with AtmoTac stick magazines and pump action compatible receivers. Will not work with AEA rotary mags.

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